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Empty Property Reviews that generates revenue without risk

Our Empty Property Reviews generate income by identifying properties wrongly classed as empty to trigger the New Homes Bonus. This means you get revenue from grants and can improve your council tax collection.

We focus on the checks so your team can focus on the priorities. You need hassle free services, so that’s what we deliver. And we get great results fast, so you can issue revised bills before the review is even finished.

Empty Property Reviews

Generating revenue fast

We manage it all, including letters, visits and back office updates.

We use the latest data and tools to identify those at risk, so customer contact is kept to a minimum.

We provide speedy online tools so that you can issue new bills before the review completes.

We’re paid by results so you can launch reviews at no risk.

Seamless service

Empty Property Reviews

Seamless service

At the centre of our success is our partnership with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. Their public sector expertise means we provide a quality service every time. Plus, we handle all interactions so you don’t need to worry.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council saw a 25% reduction in their long term empty property base. And they aren’t alone – North Hertfordshire District Council found £3 million in revenue through the New Homes Bonus too.