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Land Charges software that can transform your service

ASSURE Land Charges streamlines the management of searches and registers, including LLC1 and CON29. It helps you process requests, log updates and take payments online. There’s also easy connections with Planning and Building Control systems, which means your information flows freely and without manual updates.

Our deep integration works with third-party systems. Take our HMLR connector, for instance. It ensures a smooth migration to the HMLR register and delivers a single version of data. Just like that.

ASSURE also comes with a real-time connection to OS MasterMap. Cut out time-consuming updates and answer common questions in seconds. Or overlay local data – like flood plains or historic buildings – for a complete picture at your fingertips.

Land Charges software that keeps things simple

Helping you manage searches and registers with ease.

Draw a polygon, retrieve spatial data and automatically answer search questions in just a few clicks.

Connect to third-party search providers, like NLIS. Speed up the Land Charges processes by using electronic transactions.

Migrate with ease to the HMLR register to maintain a single version of data.

Automate time-consuming processes like common questions so you don’t waste time on simple tasks.

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ASSURE can streamline everything you do, and is also available for: