Our civil enforcement software streamlines the traffic camera process at every stage. We help to cut out re-keying, save on postage and printing and free up resources that can be reinvested in other projects. We also help you deliver great customer service because citizens can access notices on any device.

With 20 years’ experience, including development of the national PentiP system, the Central Ticket Offices and Safety Camera Partnerships system used throughout the UK, we’re clued up in enforcement software.

Built from four modules: Notice Processing System, Adjudication, Mobile and Public Access, NEC Enforcement gives you a complete civil enforcement solution.

The UK’s Pentip system

We’re proud to work with the Home Office to deliver the national system PentiP.

PentiP is a cross-criminal justice platform used by all police forces in the UK. It records and processes Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and Conditional Offers for vehicle based offences, such as speeding and red-light infringements. It is also used for low level anti-social behaviour offence warnings and FPNs issued under the Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) Scheme.

Notice Processing System

NEC Enforcement

Notice Processing System

Our Notice Processing System processes and manages civil enforcement notices. From issue to finalisation (payment or prosecution), the solution manages data input and important workflows, correspondence, printing and more.

With 20 years’ experience and continuous development, our Notice Processing System is ready to manage civil enforcement on a national scale, and already used in partnership with the Home Office for the UK’s national PentiP system as it’s underlying software.

Public Access

Our Public Access software lets the public view safety camera evidence securely and on any device.

After viewing the evidence, users can either accept the notice of intended prosecution or nominate a different driver. The nomination process then triggers an amended notice.

With a direct connection to our Notice Processing System, as well as your own local systems, it can cut information requests by 50% and free up staff to work on more value-added tasks.

NEC Enforcement


NEC Enforcement


The Mobile solution lets you issue traffic offence reports and generate officer witnessed forms without re-entering data.

You can access everything and issue reports on the go. Officers can verify people’s details, issue the offence, explain the outcome and get officer witnessed forms sent to the notice processing system, all without needing to return to the station.


Our adjudication software imports traffic violations from a variety of camera sources, including fixed location red light, speed and point to point (average speed zone) cameras.

Giving your team a complete view of all the evidence for any civil offences recorded, it connects to the notice processing system, which means that once you register a decision to prosecute the offence, the data is automatically transferred.

The software is then updated once a notice of intended prosecution has been issued. Adding new data is easy, with information entered in one system appearing automatically in the other.

NEC Enforcement


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