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The NEC Group Information Security Statement

We are grateful for your continuous and tireless efforts to sustain and improve information security of the NEC Group.

Today we are pleased to announce that our Information Security Statement was updated on May 12, 2021, under the new title of The NEC Group Information Security Statement, which indicates our comprehensive approach to information security as a group. For major points of the revision and where the new statement is placed, please see the following details.

We appreciate it greatly if you would understand the purposes of the revision and follow the related requests.    

Details of the revision

1.      Purposes

As information security is becoming more and more critical for business, it is required for the NEC Group to declare our commitment to contributing to safety and security of customers business as well as of the entire society. We also need to show more clearly to the public how the NEC Group is driving various information security activities as a whole.

Considering the situation above, we decided to revise our Information Security Statement. Purposes of the revision include the following:

1) To make our declaration through the Information Security Statement more comprehensive by streamlining it to be in line with our priorities on cyber security management, including, but not limited to, human resource development, providing safe and secure products, systems and services, and proactive participation in appropriate information sharing initiatives (for more details, see the note below).   

2) To clarify and demonstrate that information security is a priority for the entire NEC Group by changing the title of the statement to The NEC Group Information Security Statement (the terms NEC Group added).

2. Requests

Please change the existing reference to the former Information Security Statement in your company to the one leading to the newly defined NEC Group Information Security Statement.  More specifically:

1) When you are publishing and/or referencing to the old version of Information Security Statement (including ones with subtle modification such as changing the subject from NEC to your company) on your corporate website(s) on the Web platform provided by NEC HQ, the content itself and/or the links to the statement will have to be replaced with new ones, hopefully by the end of May, 2021. NEC HQ will lead the replacement while consulting with appropriate people whenever necessary. If you find any difficulty in the replacement, please contact Management Information Systems Division of NEC Corporation.

2) When you are publishing and/or referencing to the translation or any customized version of the old Information Security Statement, please update it to be in compliance with the revised NEC Group statement by June 30, 2021 (Japan Time). Please be assured that if you are going to customize the NEC Group Information Security Statement based on your own security policy, you are required to contact Management Information Systems Division of NEC before disclosure in order to get examination and obtain an approval for it.

3. Contact

If you have any questions on this revision, contact

Management Information Systems Division of NEC Corporation.

Email to:


(1) For the NEC Group Information Security Statement updated on May 12, 2021, visit:

(2) Our priorities on cyber security management are based on the five suggestions by KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) shown in its DECLARATION OF CYBER SECURITY MANAGEMENT: 1) Recognize cyber security as a management issue, 2) Develop management policies and declare intention, 3) Build internal and external systems and implement security measures, 4) Contribute to wide spread use of cyber safe systems, products, and services, and 5) Contribute to building safe and secure ecosystems.