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NEC Document Management: Next level document services

NEC Document Management is our market-leading Electronic Document Management system.

Rich functionality; ease of integration; a flexible way to deal with large, complex documents; and an incredible return on investment were guiding principles during the development of NEC Document Management. We’re thrilled to be releasing the next level of document services, but what exactly does it offer?

Built on robust technology

NEC Document Management is centred around robust technology. Too often we see the latest products on the market fall behind as new, modern challenges arise. With NEC Document Management, we look to ensure our latest document service is future-ready; as useful to your business tomorrow as it is today.

NEC Document Management allows users to:

  • use our browser-based system on any connected device: By being browser-based and cloud-deployed, file management is easy to access from any connected device and in real-time. Acting as a single repository for your organisation,  it drives efficiency through everything you do.
  • immediately employ great functionality: From day one you can access the right information quickly and easily, regardless of location. This means staff no longer need to search for paper files or across a number of systems for the right document.  
  • easily integrate into a wide offering of systems: We offer direct integration to over 40 back office systems so you can maximise efficiency. What’s more is the scalability of the software, being able to handle single departments to full corporate installations.
  • make fine-tuning tweaks to workflow processes: Our core functionality contains all the building blocks your organisation may require, but we also ensure you have the ability to configure NEC Document Management to meet business needs. If you want to tweak workflow you can; easily and at no extra charge.
  • save money across the business: Customers have saved upwards of £750,000 inside five years, in just one area of business. It is a typical oversight of how much paper costs (think storage and administration).
  • save time across the business: Without technology, staff can easily spend two hours each day locating records and processing paper. With NEC Document Management, we can eliminate this overnight. By being browser-based and intuitive to use, it delivers immediate benefits by freeing up space (no more boxes of documents coming in and out of storage), reducing the time staff inevitably spend on simple administrative tasks, and significantly reducing storage costs.
  • scale up with ease: Automation throughout the entire lifecycle of documents, forms, emails, and other formats makes information easier to capture, store, route, annotate and share. NEC Document Management is easy to expand, from a single department to a corporate system, and effectively meet requirements corporate-wide. This gives you exceptional savings in all areas of your business.

NEC Document Management is already a market leading document management solution. We partner with over 200 organisations who, collectively, bring 120,000 active users. These users come from numerous different Local Authority departments including:

  • revenues and benefits
  • housing
  • environment and planning
  • social care
  • HR
  • corporate-wide offerings, and more.

With NEC Document Management we are taking document services to the next level. Businesses across all sectors are already making the upgrade – is it time for you to do the same?

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