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How automating appointment booking can relieve the admin burden

Our OptoMize software is built for automation, and every improvement aims to keep manual tasks at bay. Yet for many diabetic eye screening programmes, appointment booking is still causing some headaches. Here’s two ways that NEC OptoMize can make the process easier for staff and participants alike. 

Cutting appointment booking admin  

We’ve got 25 years experience in diabetic eye screening and support both local and national programmes. It’s why NEC OptoMize works like it does, automating key tasks to maximise coverage and improve participant contact.  

The Covid-19 lockdowns created major challenges, not least an appointment backlog. Clinics were paused, re-opened with fewer slots and people with diabetes took time to regain confidence to attend appointments. It’s now more important than ever to make use of all slots and get the right participant to the right appointment.

Automated booking service  

NEC OptoMize offers an automated booking service so you can take the pressure off busy staff. It reviews participant data, the type of screening they need and the available clinics. Then it automatically books the best slot for their needs.It can free up staff to focus on participant engagement. And for customers with 25,000 participants, it could save 625 hours of administration time per year.  

Here’s how it works: 

  • It finds empty slots in your clinics 
  • It checks for the right type of appointment (only autobooks for routine screening)
  • It reviews participant data, such as screen type, date of last appointment and access needs 
  • It brings everything together and matches participants to the slots 

It’s easy to configure the rules, for example booking slots ‘same time and say day as last year’. You can exclude any participants marked as ‘domiciliary’ or ‘needing transport requirements’. And it’s easy to see which slots were booked manually or automatically so you can monitor performance and change the rules if you need to.  

Online booking made easy 

Our newly-improved online booking service puts the power in participants’ hands. It lets them book, change or cancel their routine digital screening appointments at times that work for them. And it doesn’t create any admin for your team because it connects to clinic information in real-time. 

It works on any device, so participants can do it on the move 24/7, and it can work alongside automated booking too. It’s a great addition for programmes using open booking and also enhances those with closed booking systems, cutting phone calls dramatically and helping to reduce missed appointments. 

Want to know more?   

If you want to find out how much time you could save with automated and online booking, get in touch with our team. You can also watch our video.