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Diabetic eye screening software for seamless services

Cloud-based and easy to use, OptoMize screens more than one million people each year for diabetic eye disease.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

There’s deep automation and advanced imaging tools that help to reduce costs and improve outcomes. It’s also easy to configure, so it can meet the needs of all kinds of providers.

OptoMize supports 75% of NHS programmes in England along with five national schemes from Ireland to New Zealand.

Proven solution

Helping you work accurately, safely and efficiently every step of the way.

Efficient managed services

We also offer fully managed screening services. This includes everything from screening, grading and failsafe management to reporting, clinical leadership and booking services.

Our award-winning teams screen around 50,000 patients each month and use OptoMize to streamline the process at every stage.

“NEC OptoMize is incredibly easy to use and the automated alerts mean no patient gets left behind. The software is continually updated too, which means we can keep improving the service.”

Buki Asanbe, Failsafe IT Manager, North Central London Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

Great range of options

OptoMize comes with a range of optional features to streamline booking, share information and more.

Automatically book patients into clinics based on configurable rules, like ‘same time and day as last year’.

Text individual patients or a whole clinic when appointments are booked, cancelled or updated.

Manage patients requiring OCT imaging on a distinct pathway, with an enhanced grading form and automated workflow for recall or referral.

Automatically code patients as red, amber or green to monitor referrals and treatment. Add invitations, examinations and treatments to patient records.

Allocate slots according to bookings, availability and the latest stats on appointments attended, cancelled and missed.

Let GPs and other healthcare professionals access an online, read-only version of OptoMize to see patient images, appointments, letters and results.

Use real-time connections to clinics to let patients book appointments online 24/7 on any device.