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We’ve delivered the National Joint Registry (NJR) since April 2006. By making it easy to analyse data on treatment outcomes we help doctors pick the best option for patients.

About the NJR

The NJR was set up by the Department of Health and the Welsh Government in 2002. It collects information on joint replacement operations. It then uses that data to monitor the performance of implants, hospitals and surgeons. Northern Ireland joined in 2013 and the Isle of Man in 2015.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) manages the registry on behalf of the Department of Health. We’ve delivered it since April 2006, when it started out as a data entry solution. It’s since evolved into a full business intelligence platform.

We make it easy to enter all kinds of data:

  • demographics, like age and gender
  • the physical status of patients
  • the surgeon
  • the reasons for implantation
  • the approach
  • details about the implant
  • the hospital

This means it can monitor the performance of the implants as well as the effectiveness of the surgery over time. It helps everyone involved in patient care to make the right decision.

Reporting services

Our business intelligence platform offers a range of reporting services. These include secure, online services for clinicians, hospitals and device manufacturers. In addition, we provide the NJR’s Reports Online service and the Consultant Outcomes Publication.

We also advise on governance, confidentiality and data protection. Lastly, we provide a dedicated data quality team. This manages ad hoc requests for information, including linking to external data.

Valuable data source

The NJR now holds data on more than 3m surgeries, which 96% of all procedures delivered in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.