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We delivered a training course at North Yorkshire Police to help its analysts get the most from our xd mapping solution.

Advanced crime and incident analysis

Our xd solution displays location data on incidents, crime and resources visually so that police force analysts can identify patterns and trends. It’s used by 25 UK forces to support investigations, understand areas with higher crime risks and to monitor and improve performance.

The solution helps analysts to plot answers to all kinds of questions, such as:

  • How many burglaries took place within 1km of an offender’s home address?
  • What day of the week sees the greatest number of crimes in a particular town?
  • How far from their homes do county lines dealers travel to deal drugs?

Supporting new users

North Yorkshire Police has used xd for many years, but as new analysts joined the team they identified a training need and decided to extended the opportunity to existing users too.

In February 2023, NEC delivered a four-day training course. It started out with the basics then moved on to more advanced tools, meaning it worked for beginners as well as more experienced analysts.

 Use in major investigations

Tom Wright started his new role as an analyst in the Major Investigations Team just before the training started:

“As a new user, I thought the training was excellent. I learnt the basics early on then moved on to the more complex work. You could tell that experienced analysts were getting a lot out of it too.”

Tom Wright, North Yorkshire Police

Since finishing the training, Tom has used xd to help a victim of crime understand the possible routes they may have taken before a serious incident occurred. He’s also used it to plot the direction a suspect took when they fled a scene in a vehicle.

Practical and well-delivered training

Our training team has real expertise when it comes to police use of location data, having delivered courses since 2002. The training we offer ranges from user basics to more advanced ‘train the trainer’ packages, and they can design sessions to meet each force’s particular needs.

 NEC’s training on xd was clear, practical and well delivered. There were real-life scenarios to work through so you were never just sitting and watching. The trainer was very knowledgeable too, both about the product and how it supports policing.”

Tom Wright, North Yorkshire Police

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