The Probation Service is using Media Manager to help assure the quality of accredited training in the East of England. By making it easier to record, review and learn from each session, it’s helping to improve rehabilitation and save time too.


The Probation Service supervises offenders in the community and delivers a range of accredited treatment programmes. Each session aims to minimise the risk of reoffending by helping people to address poor behaviour and build better relationships.

In the East of England, they want each session to have the biggest possible impact. That’s why they run their own quality assurance alongside the oversight from Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service. With Media Manager, this process is far more efficient.

Media Manager makes it easy to record, retrieve, monitor and share treatment sessions. By creating one secure location for all relevant files, it’s making a big difference for treatment managers, facilitators and HMPPS.

“Media Manager is brilliant! It’s helping us from end to end by making it easy to record, review, retrieve and improve our sessions.”

East of England Probation Service, Treatment Manager


The service, which covers Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, employs treatment managers who monitor the sessions that get delivered by facilitators. Before Media Manager, the team relied on CCTV for recording, DVDs for storage and the post to get copies to HMPSS. It was time-consuming and unreliable:

  • Using CCTV made it hard to record at the right angle 
  • The DVDs were easily scratched, making some recordings unusable
  • Storing DVDs in boxes made it hard to find the right sessions for HMPPS
  • You’d often have to drive to find a recording then drive somewhere else to review it 

By keeping everything in one place, Media Manager has removed all these problems and made it possible to work in any location.

One Treatment Managers explains the impact: 

“Media Manager has really improved the integrity of the process. We get audited by HMPSS every two years and it used to take us weeks to get ready. Now, they can find the right sessions themselves. It’s so much quicker because everything is there.”

Another liked the flexibility it brings:

“We’re using it to record our planning and debriefing sessions too, which keeps everything together. We can also monitor ‘live’ by pausing the recording and typing data into the template. It’s just so much easier than it was before.”