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The Athena Collaboration Programme, backed by our Connect platform, will help police forces to work collaboratively in keeping communities safer.


Athena brings forces together to connect information, align processes and share costs.

Led by the Athena Management Organisation (AMO) and now covering nine forces. The programme is the largest investment in police technology in a decade.

This shared investment in the Connect platform means forces can shift resources from the back office to the front line. Officers can search once, input once, and re-use the data many times. Not just within one force, but across them all.


The software merges intelligence, investigation management, case preparation and custody data so it’s easier to use. It does the same to data on property, digital assets and more.

Connect strips out time-consuming manual processes. Connecting with police, court service and Crown Prosecution Service systems. As a result. forces can work faster and achieve more.

The nine participating forces are:

  • Kent Police

  • Essex Police

  • Cambridgeshire Police

  • Bedfordshire Police

  • Hertfordshire Constabulary

  • Norfolk Constabulary

  • Suffolk Constabulary

  • Warwickshire Police

  • West Mercia Police

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