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Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils select NEC

NEC Software Solutions to modernise revenues and benefits for Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils

9 March 2022: Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils have selected NEC Software Solutions (NECSWS) to transform their revenues and benefits services.  The software will improve efficiency and help the councils to provide an outstanding service to Eastbourne and Lewes residents.

The move to NEC Revenues and Benefits will enable both councils to launch more digital services and allow residents to carry out a number of tasks online, such as electronic billing, applying for discounts and reliefs or setting up direct debit payments using NEC’s Citizen Access suite.

The two councils were using alternative revenues and benefits software suppliers and have chosen NEC Revenues and Benefits as part of a five-year contract, as it most closely aligned with the councils’ ambitions to innovate services for citizens.

Lee Banner, transformation programme manager at Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils said: “Choosing NEC Revenues and Benefits software, will enable us to consolidate our processes and increase our efficiency, whilst reducing cost to the taxpayer.

“The solution will provide us with increased automation, simplified integrations with our CRM system, and a Citizen Access portal to give customers greater opportunities to self-serve. Now we can continue to improve the quality of service for our residents, making their interactions with the councils faster and more efficient through our new customer portal.”

Roger Birkinshaw, executive director for government and housing, at NEC Software Solutions UK said: “It’s great to be working with Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils. Picking our Revenues and Benefits suite will help them free up staff from routine tasks so they can spend more time with people who may require more support.

“We’re looking forward to helping the councils to create positive changes for their communities by using innovative technology to improve the experience for both staff and customers.”

For more information on NEC’s Revenue and Benefits Solution visit or Revenues and Benefits.





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