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Environmental Health software that delivers

ASSURE Environmental Health frees your teams because it cuts out manual tasks. It helps you process transactions faster and schedule inspections automatically. What’s more, the role-based dashboards give people the information they need to deliver great services.

Our software is easy to configure, because we know that policy can change fast. Plus we offer easy connections with local and national systems. Which means you can work efficiently, whatever you do.

Making your working day easier

Environmental Health software

Making your working day easier

ASSURE lets you build online services in minutes. This means customers can find information, send applications and make payments 24/7. It also reduces manual work, giving you more time to focus on what matters. Another time saver is the built-in document management. Emails get indexed into the right case and follow-up events are set automatically.

You can also complete 70% more inspections with our mobile apps. For example Food Hygiene Mobile, which makes reports available the moment an officer finishes an inspection. Just ask North Devon!

See what Food Hygiene Mobile has done for North Devon

Keeping things simple

We’ll help you manage applications, contact and inspections with ease.

Mark-up and return inspections on the fly, sharing a simple link with customers.

Plan your route and respond in the field in just a few clicks.

Connect local and national data from third party systems like the FSA. 

Build public-facing services in minutes and go live in one click, from enquiries to fixed penalty notices.

“Each food registration is now 10 minutes faster and error-free. Even a few minutes makes a big difference. That’s a huge time saving for us.”

Sally Farthing, Business Support Officer, Babergh & Mid Suffolk

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