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Our Licensing software is just what you need

ASSURE Licensing makes everything you do more efficient. Firstly, it streamlines the application process for all premise, people and vehicle licenses. Then it also manages renewals and notifies statutory consultees automatically. As a result, it can cut the amount of effort per licence by as much as 40%. 

Our software delivers for your customers too, as the self-service forms really make things easy. They can apply, upload attachments, track progress, view their case history and pay. All from any device. And just like that, you can cut out printing, data entry and manual collection.


Licensing software


The ASSURE solutions are easy to use and customise, which means they can evolve with you. There’s also role-based dashboards and smart scheduling to make resource management a breeze. You can manage Freedom of Information requests with our built-in reporting tool. And even build your own ad hoc reports with no need for technical expertise. 

Licensing software that keeps things simple

Easy management of applications, customer contact and inspections.

All applications get validated on submission so you don’t waste time on missing fields or errors.

Renewal reminders are automatic. For existing customers, our onboarding tool will get them up and running quickly.

Connect local and national data like DBS checks from third party systems – whatever you need.

Build public-facing services in minutes and go live in one click.

Discover the other ASSURE solutions

ASSURE can streamline everything you do, and is also available for: