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Planning software that transforms efficiency

Assure Planning can process applications in half the time.

First, there’s the smooth customer experience. Like inviting people to mark-up and return documents by email. Or creating simple online forms that cut down the clicks.

Then there’s what it does for your team. Like generating letters instantly using live OS mapping. Or making sure applications are pre-validated, even when they come from the Planning Portal. Meaning you never waste time on the small stuff.

Planning software that keeps things simple

Helping you manage applications, customer contact and inspections with ease.

Applications from any source are validated on submission so you don’t waste time on missing fields or errors.

Mark-up and return documents on the fly, sharing a simple link with customers so they can fill in the gaps.

Draw a polygon, add local data and generate letters for all relevant properties in just a few clicks.

Connect finance systems to manage variable fees and payments, or the Planning Portal – whatever you need.

Build public-facing services in minutes and go live in one click, from consultations to automated alerts and more.

In partnership with RealSim, we provide 3D virtualisation of your plans.

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ASSURE can streamline everything you do, and is also available for: