Meet Cortex, our Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS), that places all your familiar hardware onto one screen. 

Used in over 70 control rooms around the world, our ICCS enables rapid communication by bringing together radio (marine, UHF, VHF, TETRA and LTE), telephony, CCTV, access control, tannoys, alarms and more. This helps you do the things you do every day more efficiently.

It also reduces the amount of desk space used by removing multiple displays. Replacing them with one screen that supports many control room functions.

The best bit? It’s completely customisable. We’ll show you how to build your own layouts from over 80 widgets. You can even create multiple layouts to meet different role profiles, from call taker to supervisor, trainer or any others.

Our ICCS - The features

Our ICCS is built for the control room of today and ready for the control room of tomorrow

Cortex ® integrates different communications systems into one user friendly portal with a consistent look and feel throughout.

Live video feeds can be accessed and controlled from within the user interface. Cortex ® can be configured to automatically screenpop a specific video feed associated with an input, such as a door entry button or telephone line.

The interface has been designed by users for users, supporting desktop screens and handheld tablets, with options available for both touch and keyboard/mouse control. The user interface is extremely customisable and you are able to dock and tab together windows to form tailored layouts.

Cortex® is both feature-rich and simple to use. Integrating with lots of different systems is just part of what our ICCS does; what’s equally important are the features of Cortex®.

Cortex® integrates with new TETRA infrastructures and features, such as Priority Dispatch, Multi-Select talkgroups, text messaging, DGNA and Ambience Listening, plus many more.

Cortex® is already ahead of the game when it comes to ESN.

Our ICCS is ESN ready

Cortex is LTE-enabled and ready for ESN. When you choose us to support your control room in getting to ESN, we’ll guide you through the changes step by step and deploy the functionality you need when you’re ready.

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Take your contact management to the next level


Take your contact management to the next level

When you take our Cortex ICCS and add Aspire you get Cortex OmniChannel. Our most powerful contact management system that gives your call operators even more information to make better decisions.

Cortex OmniChannel has all the benefits of our standard ICCS, but with full caller contact history, webchat and social media integration. It also flags risk and vulnerability, so that operators can allocate the right resource every time.  

Looking for Rail Communication Systems?

CallTouch is a fully integrated rail communication system, designed to assist with the efficient handling of all communications in transportation. The core modules cover ICCS, call handling, call out, mobile data and automatic resource location.

Used in Network Rail’s Regional Operating Centres and by London Underground, helping to manage the capital’s busiest tube lines, it integrates the widest range of communication systems.

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