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Pathways is a multi-module justice case management solution, bringing together practitioners, offenders, victims and the public at every stage of the justice process.

By effortlessly joining up data and presenting it on a clean user interface, you can do what you do best, helping people with the knowledge that you always have their full and up to date story, and an accurate record.

What’s more, our people are your people. Our team has experience throughout the sector, from probation to youth offending. We know the challenges you face and use this experience to constantly mould and develop Pathways for the future.

What makes Pathways unique

Through our experience in the justice sector we know the challenges you face, that’s why our case management solution is built with the core capabilities you need today.

A single offender or victim record with a core person profile page. This keeps all their important information in one place, with a dedicated dashboard providing a central point where officers can initiate all actions relating to a case.

Pathways fully supports the end-to-end justice process for youth and adult offenders, managing each offender’s individual journey from their initial referral to the service or prison to the end of their sentence or programme completion.

Helps practitioners to take a tailored and focused approach using a single offender case plan to effectively manage case recording and progress throughout each stage of an offender or victim’s journey.

Personalised user experience with configurable dashboards. Pathways also includes the ability to create custom data-input templates and forms such as assessments and workflows quickly and easily to capture local requirements.

With the MyPathways app, service users have access to up-to-date information directly from their phones. Including appointments, information relating to offender orders and updates available from Pathways.

Ability to record victims with their own profile page, keeping all their important information in one place with links to offender cases and providing a central place to initiate all actions an officer needs to take in relation to them.

A fully accredited and secure cloud-hosted solution, with 2-stage authentication accessible on any device.

A simple, clean and easy-to-navigate modern user interface. Using the latest in web design features and meeting WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards by using interactive screens with no hidden menus.

What are your strategic aims?


What are your strategic aims?

As a module-based system, Pathways is highly configurable and can be tailored to your needs. Do any of its strategic aims match yours?

  • A system that puts the offender or victim at the centre of the solution.
  • Provide true integration.
  • An effective tool for specialist work throughout the sector.
  • Putting collaboration at the heart of the platform.
  • A single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Making the on-boarding and offboarding of modules easy.
  • Scalable and configurable for any user’s needs.


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