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Trading Standards software with advanced automation

ASSURE Trading Standards streamlines everything you do. From enquiries and inspections to notices and prosecutions, we’ve got it covered.

Our software saves you time because it automates all kinds of manual tasks. There’s a live connector for Citizens Advice referrals and built-in document management too. It’s also easy to configure the workflow, which means you can manage and escalate cases your way.

The role-based dashboards give officers and managers a complete picture on any device. And there’s a reporting tool as well, letting you create your own ad hoc reports and better manage team performance.

Trading Standards software that keeps things simple

Offering everything you need to work smarter.

Enquiries are validated on submission so you don’t waste time on missing fields or errors.

Stay on top of counterfeit goods, underage sales and rogue traders.

Connect local and national data from third party systems like Citizens Advice.

Build public-facing services in minutes and go live in one click, from reporting traders to notices and more.

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ASSURE can streamline everything you do, and is also available for: