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What is operator initiated facial recognition?

Use the facial recognition mobile app to take a picture of an individual and identify them on the go. This could be used for the victim of a car accident, an individual wanted for serious or violent crimes, to check if an individual has been reported missing or simply confirm someone’s identity.

Use cases of operator initiated facial recognition

Use cases of operator initiated facial recognition

Using operator initiated facial recognition can save your force significant time and resources in the following situations:

  • Identifying the victim of a car accident
  • Identifying an individual for a violent crime
  • Identifying a reported missing person
  • Identifying a vulnerable individual and assign additional care or support as needed



What is NeoFace?

What is NeoFace?

NeoFace is NEC’s high performance, highly scalable facial recognition algorithm, providing fast and accurate results for the most demanding real-time or post-event facial recognition use cases.

It’s designed to find a needle in a haystack, reducing a problem down to a much smaller review process. Built upon 40 years experience and world leading AI, it’s highly tolerant of ageing, angles, headwear and environmental factors such as lighting.

It performs consistently regardless of age, ethnicity and gender by combining the best feature-matching and AI technologies, It’s built-in safeguards support privacy and proportionate use, with auditing and reporting as well as automatic and manual data retention tools.

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