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What Makes Us Different?

Our covert operations management solution, known as Charter, supports law enforcement organisations like yours to authorise, conduct and manage covert activities, as well as analysing the resulting intelligence.

Designed for law enforcement agencies to authorise and manage intrusive covert activities. As well as comply with requirements for legislation and local policy.

The system can also meet the demands of multi-agency working in a region, with a variety of options for data sharing and federate searching capabilities. 

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Seamless integration and data searching across all modules including Surveillance, Human Intelligence, and Communications data authorities.

Sets the industry standard for covert management solutions.

All the data meets operational security requirements, and reduces the risk of data compromise.

Trusted by law enforcement agencies of all sizes in the UK, EU, and North America for over twenty years.

Intuitive user interface combined with configurable help text improves the quality of each application, even for those who rarely use the system.

Processes data in line with even the toughest privacy legislation.

Why NEC Charter

Covert Policing

Why NEC Charter

  • Trusted by 1 in 2 UK police forces, and many more around the world, for over twenty years and recognised as the industry standard.
  • Developed in full partnership with police forces and law enforcement agencies globally to meet your demands for handling covert intelligence.
  • Proven and trusted supplier of complete covert management solutions.
  • Flexible and adaptable software that can be deployed anywhere you need it.
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