NEC Forensics transforms the way officers record and track information. The solution facilitates case management across an end to end process from crime scene investigation and forensics analysis to court.  

Make it easier to collect, process and share crime scene evidence and help officers, investigators and laboratory staff to keep a complete chain of custody at all times.

Give users a single, accurate and up to date view of evidence that can be shared across agencies, and make connections to a whole range of national and local systems with open integration. 


Highly secure with built-in role-based access levels.

A single view of evidential data that can be shared across agencies to build winning cases.

Built-in workflows with smart processes like barcode identifiers.

Record evidence digitally even in remote areas through an offline mode.

With over 20 years experience we have supplied forensic case management software to 37 UK forces.

Our forensic case management software processes ½ million crime scenes annually.

What are you looking for from your forensic case management software?

Our solution is perfect if your strategy is to: 

  • Create a central repository for crime scene evidence, giving you a full view of the case.
  • Share evidential data across agencies, making it easier to connect to national and local systems.
  • Take evidence collection mobile so that your investigators can capture and record at the scene of the crime.
NEC Forensics

NEC Forensics

Mobile first and user-friendly

The latest version offers a fresh, easy to use interface and a range of new features to support faster, more accurate decisions:

  • CSIs can submit fingermarks to the Bureau remotely to speed up investigations
  • Intelligent forms request information in priority order so that vital evidence is preserved
  • Offline mobile keeps performance high, even in low-signal areas
  • Better integration with third party systems reduces re-keying