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Your teams’ welfare is the number one priority. Having sharp and focused officers means more effective policing. And with the right duty management software, you can ensure you deploy the right people at the right time, manage demand and reduce risks.

We’ve been developing duty management software for over 15 years, and today it’s used by over 60,000 people in organisations of all sizes.

Not only does it help plan resources for frontline and support teams, but it also connects to other back office systems. This means court appearances, training and more are flagged to resource planners.

Able to be used on any device, your team can use the system from anywhere, anytime.

Our Duty Management solutions mobile capabilities include:

Duty Management

Our Duty Management solutions mobile capabilities include:

  • 24×7 remote access to the five core Duty Management functions:
    • Booking on/off duty
    • Sending and receiving messages from individuals, duty planners and supervisors
    • Viewing your duties
    • Booking and electing any overtime
    • Applying for and viewing all leave requests
  • Enables self-service usage and leaves other work to supervisors.
  • No requirement for staff to go to a station or office to perform functions, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Supports Android & iOS.