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We specialise in control room software, working closely with organisations in the emergency services, aviation, marine, transport and energy sectors. Our control room software helps your operators focus on what matters.

The Full end to end solution

We’re here to help you connect your control room with your communities and provide a full end-to-end solution for any critical communication control room.

We support you from initial contact, with our CRM, dispatching with our ICCS, straight through to record management, with our RMS.

Our technology is in control rooms worldwide and we are leading the way in innovation, cloud and ESN development.

Control Room

Investing in next generation control room software

Control Room

Investing in next generation control room software

We’re busy developing and creating software that is resilient, robust and future proof for your control room. Backed by major investment, we are committed and excited to be delivering products that not only meet your requirements, but that give you great value and also allow you to start tapping into the benefits of the cloud, ESN and future enhancements. Helping your control room save even more lives.

LTE & ESN enabled - Ready for the next generation.

Our control room software is LTE-enabled and ready for ESN. When you choose us to support your control room in getting to ESN, we’ll deploy the functionality you need when you’re ready.

Our LTE interface is 3GPP-compliant and uses SIP messaging directly to the platform. Rather than using vendor-specific APIs.

This means you can integrate your full control room as you’ve always wanted, bringing together everything from ICCS solutions and CCTV feeds to Radio audio connections and social media feeds. Supporting more informed, accurate decision-making that protects people and saves lives.

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